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When You Decide For Vein Treatment, Do This!

Vein treatment for spider and varicose veins has become incredibly popular.  Without any need for incisions or anesthesia, new age treatments for vein disease are now simple office-based procedures.  Our experience shows that great results are associated with improved self-confidence and healthier circulation.  What gets patients really excited is:

  1. Seeing before and after pictures of successful outcomes
  2. Insurance coverage for bothersome legs related to visible varicose veins
  3. Symptomatic improvement after relatively straight-forward procedures in the office

However, our group at the Vein Specialist Centers has outlined in a white paper article on ethical vein treatment, serious issues about selecting the right vein doctor for your care.  

We present this article to help you find excellent vein treatment in Greenburgh NY!

How To Begin Your Search

However you end up deciding on seeing a vein specialist, please take the time to research your local or regional options.   You can begin with a search on the internet!

The Google Search

Like any search, most individuals are looking for something in their vicinity.  A typical search may begin with a query about “vein doctor near me” or “best vein clinic near me.”  You may even consider a hyper-specific search with your city and ask “varicose veins doctor in Greenburgh”  or “top vein treatment around Manhasset.”  Some variation of your terms will lead to a typical search result that includes:

  1. At the top of the page, there will be advertisers. 
  2. Next, there is a local 3-pack of results suggested by google based on clinics nearest your current location (see image below)
  3. Finally, the bottom half of the page reflects organic search results considered highly relevant to your search and free of advertisement. 

Most searchers avoid heavy advertisements with the understanding that most ad dollars, and not always best clinics are at the top of the page. 

The local pack is highly relevant to clinics nearest your location.  The results can be sorted on star-ratings, proximity and regional presence.  You can now even decide to see only clinics that accept Medicare.  In the future, there will likely be even further functionality.  We have some suggestions to strengthen your research:

More On The Local 3 Pack

We cannot emphasize the LOCAL 3 PACK enough and the need to filter your results by star ratings and then even go further to evaluate the specialty of your treating physician.  Here is an example of a local 3 pack result for “Italian restaurants near me”

The results provided include basic map information that can be magnified or scrolled for larger radius. Beneath that there are 3 or 4 suggested locations often sorted by vicinity.  Each result has its star rating, location and hours of operation.  In some cases, a short snippet might be included about how the search query relates to the results.  

Beneath the local 3 pack, there are organic search results that fill out the remainder of page 1 results. Almost half of search queries end up scrolling down to the top 2 or 3 organic search results.  Most often, the top 2 or 3 results will match the local 3 pack results, however that can vary.  Your choice should depend on a thorough research of what each clinic has to offer.  Read on for guiding your search.

Top 4 Things To Consider About Your Vein Doctor 

The truth is there are many excellent vein doctors around Greenburgh and it’s not impossible to find the right one using some tools to guide your search.  However, it’s  a very individualized experience, so you need to make sure the clinic fits your objectives.

Use the following criteria to judge whether or not a particular physician is right for your vein treatment. 

What Vascular Specialty Was Completed During Training?

Without context, board-certification is just a piece of paper.  Your vein specialist must have completed rigorous training in a vascular-specific field.  A residency or fellowship-trained doctor in vascular surgery, interventional cardiology or radiology is the best choice.  Physicians from non-traditional or alternative pathways in pain medicine or internists should otherwise demonstrate clinical competence through completion of American Board of Vascular and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM) certification.  These credentials are important markers that signal you can trust the doctor in question to be highly trained and qualified to perform your procedure. This is especially crucial in light of the fact that many untrained doctors are calling advertising heavily as “vein doctors” without any formal vascular training.

Take Advantage of Online Reputation

This is one reason why you can’t just search a phrase like “the best vein doctor near me” on the internet and choose the top result.

Good vein treatment requires the provider to have an understanding of your goals and  be able to customize his or her treatment to your situation and needs.   Your vein doctor should be willing to take the necessary time to explain their treatment plan and expectations.  Most qualified vein doctors are enthusiastic about sharing their before and after photos to help visualize outcomes. Patient reviews on patient forums can also provide honest feedback from patients regarding their experiences with potential surgeon candidates.

A Caring Staff Goes A Long Ways

It’s especially important to ensure that the facility your procedure will take place in is held to the highest standards of safety, quality and patient care.   Patients at top-rated facilities may have fewer complications and better outcomes. 

A friendly staff lets you know that the practice values every aspect of the care process.

Following your procedure, you may want to contact your vein doctor.  You should be able to reach them outside of office hours, even through on-call or answering services, to handle any emergencies such as allergic reactions. Consider these services when choosing your dermatologist.  At our practice, each patient is provided a direct contact line to the doctor and staff available at all hours.

I’m Here To Address All My Vein Goals

A Vein Doctor should help you manage all aspects of spider and varicose vein treatment.   This includes both medical and cosmetic treatments.  A true expert clinic should have options for:

If you find the vein clinic refuses to treat cosmetic spider veins and focuses only on insurance-related procedures, it should be a warning sign.  Look out for vein doctors that state “we only fix the underlying problem” or  “vein ablation will take care of all your vein issues.”  An experienced vein doctor will manage all aspects of treatment and in only rare specific cases refer out spider vein treatment.  

A Word About Our Vein Center in Greenburgh

The Vein Specialist Centers is a state-of-the-art vein clinic near Greenburgh NY. It is led by our multi-boarded vascular specialists, Dr. Simon Smith.   

Our vein center stands out in Westchester County for several reasons:

  1. Dr. Smith is certified by RPVI (Registered Physician in Vascular Imaging) providing on-site expertise in venous imaging with ultrasound.  He is both an expert in diagnosis and treatment using advanced modalities in ultrasound.
  1. Our vein treatments are provided on-site with no need for anesthesia.  Dr. Smith is highly-trained in minimally-invasive treatments for same day procedures and recovery.  
  2. A highly trained prior authorization team and insurance specialists to make certain medically necessary procedures are covered. 
  3. Enthusiasm to share before and after pictures.  See our regular postings here.
  4. For patients with very specific needs of laser treatment for spider veins, there is an attached Med Spa providing on-site treatment. 
  5. Dr. Claudia Rios is planning to open our second clinic in Westchester for increased hours and specialty practice in spider vein treatment using cryosclerotherapy.  

Our clinic is located on 1055 Saw Mill River Road in Ardsley NY.  It is easily accessible off the Saw Mill River Parkway following signs to Ardsley using Ashford Ave.  

Take the Next Step

If you’re looking for an expert vein doctor to address your leg pain or spider and varicose veins , don’t hesitate to visit our office. We encourage you to schedule a consultation at the Vein Specialist Centers.